Anti-Counterfeit Module

Connect your products with unique barcode/QR code technology to backend system. For the purpose of anti-counterfeit and anti-bugsell, at the same time increasing your company sales performance.


Product Strength


QR code can be assigned through back office system in the need of combination of online and offline ordering method

Encourages user to participate in the QR code scanning program and get reward in return, boosting up sales volume at the same time

Control and manage products through back office system using QR code

Allowed customers to place an order to prevent the spread of counterfeit goods and enhance the brand image.

Product Strength


Comprehensive Functions

Anti-counterfeit Management

QR code used for product details binding and verification, make sure that customer received the original product.

Anti-Bugsell Management

Read product details through QR code, at the same time trace the product logistic details to prevent price manipulation of the product.

Scan & Win

To emphasize the importance of the QR code, encourage customer to scan & win when using the QR code for verification

Data Management

Real time tracking for logistic details, customer details and product details.