TechbaseMLM software is integrated with various features and modules. We used more than 10 years of web design, development and analysis experience to build the best MLM system on the web.

Well Tested

In a MLM environment, the engine of the solution has to be a proven solution as it involves tedious calculations of sales and bonuses. It is upon the deployment of numerous MLM systems that MLM solution has been proven not only reliable but also a working solution.

Reduce Costs

Web based applications can dramatically lower costs due to reduced support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and simplified architecture. By further streamlining your business operations as a result of your web based application additional savings can often be found.

Secure Live Data

Typically in larger more complex systems data is stored and moved around separate systems and data sources. In web based systems these systems and processes can often be consolidated reducing the need to move data around. Web based applications also provide an added layer of security by removing the need for the user to have access to the data and back end servers.

More Manageable

MLM software needs only be installed on the server placing minimal requirements on the end user workstation. This makes maintaining and updating the system much simpler as usually it can all be done on the server. Any client updates can be deployed via the web server with relative ease, without requiring the user to take any action, such as downloading/installing updates.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Web based applications are far more compatible across platforms than desktop installed software. Typically the minimum requirement would be a web browser of which there are many. For example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, chrome etc…). These web browsers are available for a multitude of operating systems and so whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac OS you can still run the web application.

Highly Deployable

You simply need to send the user a website address to log in to and provide them with internet access. This has huge implications allowing you to widen access to your systems, streamline processes and improve relationships by providing more of your customers, suppliers and third parties with access to your systems.

Worldwide Access

Take advantage of the Web environment is the universal accessibility and worldwide availability of centralized applications and data. The only software needed to access and execute your applications is your web browser, and without geographic boundaries.